We engage in applications of Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC). We design, manufacture, assemble and supply the ORC units. We have been working with these units since 2005. We curently manufacture and supply our own units according to customers’ needs and requirements.

The ORC unit is a cogeneration unit which uses the thermal energy supplied from the other processes and divides it into electrical and heat energy.



Micro cogeneration unit

Micro cogeneration unit

Compact cogeneration units with the performance up to 30 kW of electrical power. The units have their own energy source (a burner)and are designed for indoor or outdoor installation (a container). The electricity output from the drive is 400V. Temperature and forms of heat energy are adjustable.

Technical specifications:
Heat power [kW] 17 34 68 102
Electrical power [kW] 5 10 20 30
Fuel consumption [kg/h] 5 10 20 30
(the temperature gradient of 60/50°C and pelets 18 MJ/kg)
Cogeneration unit

Cogeneration unit

Units simultaneously produce electrical and heat energy. The input energy unit is in any form of thermal energy at the temperature range of 200 to 800°C. The output is the electric energy of 400V and heat energy. Temperature and form heat energy are adjustable. The units might also have their own source of thermal energy (a burner) and are designed for indoor or outdoor installation (a container).

Technical specifications:
Heat power [kW] 362 1086 1810 3620
Electrical power [kW] 100 300 500 1000
Heat input [kW] 476 1428 2381 4761
(the temperature gradient of 80/60°C and the input temperature of 300°C)
Power units

Power units

Units are designed to convert thermal energy into electrical energy. The units are divided into the units utilizing energy of the low potential range of 80 to 200°C, i.e. NT units and the processing units of the high energy potential range of 200 to 800°C the HT units. Electrical energy output from the drive is 400V. The units are designed for indoor or outdoor installation (a container).

Technical specifications:


Electrical power [kW] 100 200 300 500
Heat power [kW] 833 1666 2500 4166
(the input temperature of 150°C)


Electrical power [kW] 75 150 300 500
Heat power [kW] 300 600 1200 2000
(the input temperature of 300°C)


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